Save the Date! Join the RBA Shorebird Workshop August 13th – Registration to start in April – Details to come!

Join the RBA Shorebird Workshop! Save the Date! The Rochester Birding Association Shorebird Workshop is scheduled for AUGUST 13th.

Shorebirds migrate long distances and come through our regions in spring and fall.  They can be found on lake shores, ponds and flooded fields annually.  They are usually very cooperative and can be viewed at close range.  But shorebird identification is a challenge for all birders because of their varied plumages, sizes, mixed flocks, and timing.

The RBA Shorebird Workshop, led by Dominic Sherony, will cover all the shorebirds that can be found in the Rochester area and will focus on how to look at shorebirds.  It is intended for beginner and intermediate birders who want to expand their knowledge of these amazing birds.

This is a fee-based workshop much like last year’s successful Warbler Workshop. Includes 2 or 3 hours of classroom instruction followed by a future field trip to Montezuma (to which participants drive themselves).

Registration will start in April. Details to come.

Purple Sandpiper © Jay Greenburg

Purple Sandpiper © Jay Greenburg

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