Now asking for: Recent Vagrants and Rarities

Red Phalarope - Hamlin Beach SP, Sept. 14, 2014 _ Brad Carlson (rare)We invite the Rochester birding community to share images, stories, and relevant details of recently observed vagrants and rare birds.  Our new Recent Vagrants and Rarities page will serve as an index to those recently submitted. Our vision is to catalog these sightings for long-term utility to the birding public.

Check out our first story of the Red Phalarope, graciously provided by Doug Daniels with image by Brad Carlson.

Click on the bird images for more detail.

Larger images and a full description of the bird will be available to RBA members (just log in and click the image). But details on this fantastic sighting are open to the public for a period of time.

Bookmark that page!

Or look under Local Birding/Recent-Rarities next time you visit.



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