Huckleberry Swamp (Rose, NY) – #22

Red-winged Blackbird - Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge © D. Sherony, Montezuma National Refuge

The varied habitat at Huckleberry Swamp allows for sightings of any number of passerines and waterbirds. Red-winged Blackbird © Dominic Sherony


Huckleberry Swamp is a unique nature preserve and wildlife observation area in Wayne County, NY. It has 79 acres of diverse, high-quality wetlands for bird and wildlife conservation. A wildlife observation boardwalk meanders through a variety of wetland habitats including Green Ash Wetland and Red Maple Wetland.


Huckleberry Swamp map

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To get to Huckleberry Swamp (Olga Fleisher Preserve), take Route 104 east from Rochester. Turn south on Brick Schoolhouse Road. Take Schoolhouse road until it ends at Catchpole Road then turn right. Huckleberry Swamp is just ahead on the left.

Open: Tuesday – Sunday 9am – 6pm


Going to and typing in ‘Huckleberry Swamp’ will tell you about recent sightings.

The varied habitat allows for sightings of any number of passerines and waterbirds.


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