by Amy Kahn, RBA President   Doing bird surveys last November and then again in early February I found Blacklegged ticks (deer ticks) upon doing my now mandatory nightly tick checks.  But the only time I got bitten was last fall gardening in my own backyard when I wasn’t checking nightly.  Now I wear repellent… Read more

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Finding and Identifying the Crown Jewels of Spring & Entering Sightings into eBird WHAT: Join regional birding experts for a Saturday workshop designed to enrich your experience with warblers this season. We’ll cover identification, song, resources and conservation INDOORS in the morning with Kevin Griffith, then head OUTDOORS with Kimberly Sucy and other leaders for… Read more

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Photo Gallery: Shorebirds

On August 13, 2016 the RBA hosted a Shorebird ID workshop. Led by Dominic Sherony and attended by 40 area birders, the workshop revealed a systematic approach to the identification of area shorebirds. In the last two years, many area birders have submitted images to RBA of area shorebirds. We have grouped those images similar… Read more

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For some time, the Board has been looking for a new venue which offered the convenient location of Brighton Town Hall, outstanding facilities, and ample parking. We believe that we have located such a venue in the Baptist Temple of Rochester. The seating capacity has a maximum of over 150 people. It is located just… Read more

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President’s note: The RBA conservation committee recently submitted a letter to the  New York State Public Service Commission in regards to the planned Apex Lighthouse Wind Project. Below is a summary of that letter. We need New Yorkers to register their comments on this important issue. Please send a letter of your own to the address below. The… Read more

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Where to Bird this Month: July

Ruby-throated Hummingbird (female on nest), Island Cottage Woods (© Jay Greenberg)

Summer is at its peak, but the start of “fall migration” is at hand. Southbound shorebirds are already moving through our area, as other species finish raising their young in the fields, woods, and marshes, and begin dispersing.

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Where to Bird this Month: May

Bobolink (male), Burger Park. (© Jay Greenberg)

It doesn’t get any better than this. This is what Rochesterians live for! In fact, more species are reported in May than any other month. On average 68 new species arrive, and 230 are seen overall this month…

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Where to Bird this Month: April

Hermit Thrush (© Jay Greenberg)

Spring has arrived. On average 170 species are seen this month. The hawk migration reaches its peak, songbirds begin to fill the woods, bitterns and herons arrive in the marshes. Yup, migration is in full swing! Some of the best action is along the lake after the passage of a warm front. In the yard… Read more

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Where to Bird this Month: March

Fox Sparrow - Oatka Creek Park - © Jim Adams - Apr 11, 2016

Who knows what the weather will bring? We’ll see what March is like soon.  On average 120 species are seen this month. Warm fronts will bring the best birding along the lakeshore’s fields and woodlots. The first shorebirds, Pectoral Sandpiper and both Yellowlegs, will show up this month in flooded fields. Killdeer will be seen… Read more

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Where to Bird this Month: February

Long-tailed Duck. Non-breeding Male with Tail Erect. Irondequoit Bay (© Jay Greenberg)

Who knows what this month will bring weather-wise?  On average 90 species are seen in February. There usually is open water for waterfowl along Lake Ontario.The Genesee River is usually open somewhat as is the Irondequoit Bay outlet.  Long-tailed Duck, goldeneye, Bufflehead and Greater Scaup should be seen at these spots. Slater Creek now freezes… Read more

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