Photo Gallery: Shorebirds

On August 13, 2016 the RBA hosted a Shorebird ID workshop. Led by Dominic Sherony and attended by 40 area birders, the workshop revealed a systematic approach to the identification of area shorebirds. In the last two years, many area birders have submitted images to RBA of area shorebirds. We have grouped those images similar… Read more

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Join the RBA Shorebird Workshop! Save the Date! The Rochester Birding Association Shorebird Workshop is scheduled for AUGUST 13th.

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Bird of Prey Days are coming soon!

Our friends at Braddock Bay Raptor Research are hosting their annual Bird of Prey Days from April 24-26. This is a well attended event that takes place in Braddock Bay park near the hawkwatch platform.

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If you are a birder, you’ve heard of Wilson’s Plover, Wilson’s Snipe, Wilson’s Warbler… In 1794, a young poet, labor activist, and weaver arrived in Philadelphia, a refugee from his native Scotland. His first letter home exclaims over the bright colors and abundance of the birds he found in the fields and forests of America. He taught school, wrote poetry, and engaged in the political discussion of the young democracy.

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Ornithologist Jed Burtt of Ohio Wesleyan University will discuss how bird species develop distinct plumage through natural selection as part of the College of Science Distinguished Speakers series at RIT.

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Significant Changes Made to Plan as Result of Previous Public Comments. Plan Focuses on Protecting Wetland Habitats; Swans Can Remain in Urban Parks and Other Controlled Settings

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  I really get discouraged when I fill the feeders and then look out to see hordes of House Sparrows emptying it within a few hours. Let’s face it, this year the trek out to the feeders is a treacherous event. Get the boots, get the scarf, get the hat, get the gloves, get the… Read more

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Dominic Sherony shares thoughts on the American Bittern You will notice in this photograph of American Bittern that the bird is landing and has raised its lesser coverts and alula. These feathers are not being blown up by the wind but were intentionally raised. The bird is using its lesser coverts to maintain lift while it lowers… Read more

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Local birder Dominic Sherony shares thoughts on Kentucky and Connecticut warblers Kentucky Warbler is a rare spring migrant overshoot in Rochester. They are occasionally found in early May if they appear at all in our region. It is a rare breeding bird in the southern part of the state; the 2005 Atlas data shows that it has… Read more

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