Are you ready for spring birding season?

New species are arriving every day, it is time to bird when ever you can.

We had a very successful warbler workshop and eBird class on Earth Day.  I look forward to seeing everyone out at our area warbler hot spots in coming weeks.

New birders and experienced alike can meet up in the field on May Wednesday evenings at 6 pm in the parking lot of the Lakeside Community Church on Long Pond Road.  If experienced birders can help John Boettcher occasionally, it will be appreciated.  Also on Saturdays 8 – 11 am, the church is providing coffee and snacks (and bathrooms) for birders.  Be sure to thank them for this courtesy.

Palm Warbler - High Acres Nature Area - © Dick Horsey - May 10, 2016

Palm Warbler – High Acres Nature Area – © Dick Horsey – May 10, 2016

A birding ethics reminder.  People sometimes get overly enthusiastic in their desire to see a bird.  Please remember these birds are exhausted from their migration and focused on sleeping and eating.  Avoid getting too close and stressing them further.  In past years we have had some unfortunate situations, last year a bird abandoned a nest it had spent a week building.  It is best to try to educate the person kindly and if that doesn’t work, step away and call a conservation officer.  For the Greece area, ECO Eoin Snowdon, (585) 683-6758. See for other areas.  For more information on birding ethics go to:

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