Update on Washington Grove zoning variance threat

Update on Washington Grove zoning variance threat

Unfortunately, the Board voted 4 to 1, with one abstention, to allow the variance in favor of the Gabel proposal.

The park’s welfare, the concerns that were raised in so much detail on August 17th and the many letters against were, in essence, dismissed as unimportant.

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Upcoming Events

Batavia Wastewater Treatment Plant Field Trip

Oct 21, 2017

Batavia Wastewater Treatment Plant Field Trip

Why a Wastewater Treatment Plant? Open water and a great location mean that this spot appears regularly on the fall birding mailing lists.
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Durand Eastman Park Field Trip

Nov 12, 2017

Durand Eastman Park Field Trip

Waxwings, winter finches, and lingering migrants are possible as well as Snowy Owl. We may visit Irondequoit Bay to look for waterfowl.
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Afternoon Owl Trek Field Trip

Nov 24, 2017

Afternoon Owl Trek Field Trip

By the day after Thanksgiving, wintering owls may have returned to the area while our resident owls remain close to their home turf. We’ll be looking for Eastern Screech-, Great Horned, Snowy and Short-eared Owl primarily in this trip that may involve driving between counties to get to where the owls are!
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Evening Grosbeak (male), Mendon (© Dominic Sherony)

Where to Bird this Month: October

This is the prime time for sparrows, for watching the lake, for picking up the first birds of winter. It is also a good month for wandering rarities… Read more »

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Golden-crowned Kinglet - Hamlin Beach Park - © Candace Giles - Oct 02, 2017

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NEXRAD and Migration Conditions

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