Rochester 2034, The City of Rochester’s Comprehensive Plan

Rochester 2034, The City of Rochester’s Comprehensive Plan

The City of Rochester has scheduled community meetings where you will have the opportunity to discuss your comments about the city’s Draft Comprehensive Plan (See below). Online and PDF versions of Rochester 2034, along with navigational and interactive tools, can be found at Under the Natural Resources [NR] Action Plan is a section, NR-4d, which says explore the opportunity to support bird-friendly development and design guidelines for new development within the city, which could include:Install bird-friendly, non-reflective windows. Use awnings and overhangs to add visual cues to birds and reduce reflection. Discourage use of angled glass windows. Use glare-minimizing external lights, and reduce spill light. It lists as partners – the City, Rochester Birding Association, Genesee Audubon Society, and Developers. Meetings are scheduled: June 11th (6:30- 8 pm) – Frederick Douglass R-Center gym, 999 South AveJune 17th (6- 7:30 pm) – Phillis Wheatley Community Library, 33 Dr. Samuel McCree Way June 18th (2- 3:30 pm) – Phillis Wheatley Community Library, 33 Dr. Samuel McCree Way June 19th (6:30- 8 pm) – David F. Gantt R-Center conference room, 700 North Street

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Ganondagan State Historic Site

Jun 22, 2019

Ganondagan State Historic Site

This trip has generated large species lists due to the many habitat types we will travel through. We will start near the long house and the meadowlark field and then head down a wide trail through woods, shrub land, wetland, and to an overlook in grassland.
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Odonata Sanctuary

Jun 23, 2019

Odonata Sanctuary

The 100 acre privately owned Odonata Sanctuary, 20 Parrish Rd., Honeoye Falls, NY 14472 is the former home of Joseph W. Taylor, who was a founder of the American Birding Association and President of Hawk Mountain Association.
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Barnhart's Camp and Keeney Swamp Field Trip

Jun 30, 2019

Barnhart's Camp and Keeney Swamp Field Trip

Travel throughout the diverse landscapes of Northern Allegany County, 20 minutes south of Letchworth State Park. Grassland, woodland, pond and swampland species such as Prairie and Mourning Warblers, Bluebirds, Pied-billed Grebes, and maybe a bittern or two should be seen. This trip generally goes all day so we can see as much as possible!
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“Last 30 Days” Photo Gallery

Red-headed Woodpecker - Hamlin Beach Park - © Dick Horsey - Jun 07, 2019

Last 30 Days Gallery – Birds in and around Rochester, NY

The Last 30 Days gallery displays images of birds that have been seen in … you guessed it … the last 30 days. This popular gallery helps keep people informed of what birds are being seen where throughout the seasons. All images submitted by RBA Members. Submissions welcome!

American Redstart on nest © Chuck Schleigh

Where to Bird this Month: June

Durand Eastman Park, with its abundance of cone-bearing trees, orchard and other food supplies, is a prime fall and winter birding spot.  Webster Park also has good stands of conifers and a good view of the lake.  Read more »

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Noteworthy Records

The collection of Noteworthy Records tables can be found in the Little Gull Archives. Here, we publish links to the more recent Noteworthy Records and one historical (2004) noteworthy sightings tables.

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BirdCast and Migration Conditions

BirdCast and Migration Conditions

NEXRAD is used by avid birders and professional ornithologists to track migratory birds. The blue circles in the image above reflect the density of flocks of birds, bats, or insects.

RBA Galleries

RBA Photo Galleries

The RBA photo galleries includes images of local area birds submitted by members. Current galleries include: Rochester Area Birds, Montezuma NWR, Owls, Vagrants, and Nesting Birds.

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RBA nurtures young people’s curiosity in birds and helps them take their skills to the next level while offering a fun, safe environment with other teens/preteens to network and bird together.