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Conesus Inlet State WMA Field Trip

Aug 6, 2016

Conesus Inlet State WMA Field Trip

Explore this expansive wetland for Virginia Rail and Wood Duck families. We’ve seen eagles on a reliable basis, Red-headed Woodpecker, Cliff Swallow, and more.
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RBA Shorebird Identification Workshop - Register Before July 31

Aug 13, 2016

RBA Shorebird Identification Workshop - Register Before July 31

The RBA Shorebird Workshop, led by Dominic Sherony, will cover all the shorebirds that can be found in the Rochester area and will focus on how to look at shorebirds. It is intended for beginner and intermediate birders who want to expand their knowledge of these amazing birds.
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Beginner Trip: Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge

Aug 14, 2016

Beginner Trip: Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge

Learn more about the fall migration of shorebirds in this nearby birding treasure. We’ll visit key spots you’ll want to revisit again and again! Meet in the Bushnell’s Basin Park and Ride lot at 2:00 p.m.
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Birding in Rochester

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Where to Bird This Month

Ruby-throated Hummingbird (female on nest), Island Cottage Woods (© Jay Greenberg)

Where to Bird this Month: July

Summer is at its peak, but the start of “fall migration” is at hand. Southbound shorebirds are already moving through our area, as other species finish raising their young in the fields, woods, and marshes, and begin dispersing. Read more »

Birding Hotspots

Birding Hotspots Map

This map reveals 37 of Rochester’s best birding hotspots, as far west as Tonawanda and Oak Orchard Wildlife Management Area and as far east as Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge. Members can access information for every site. Limited number of sites show for non-members.

“Last 30 Days” Photo Gallery

Great Blue Heron - King's Bend Park - © Dick Horsey - Jul 22, 2016

“Last 30 Days” Photo Gallery

The Last 30 Days gallery displays images of birds that have been seen in … you guessed it … the last 30 days. This popular gallery helps keep people informed of what birds are being seen where throughout the seasons. All images submitted by RBA Members. Submissions welcome!

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Just for Young Birders

Young Birders

If you are a birder between the ages of 10 to 19, or know someone who is, contact us and our Young Birder Ambassador will show you how to get started birding in the Rochester community.

NEXRAD and Migration Conditions

NEXRAD and Migration Conditions

NEXRAD is used by avid birders and professional ornithologists to track migratory birds. The blue circles in the image above reflect the density of flocks of birds, bats, or insects.

RBA Galleries

RBA Photo Galleries

The RBA photo galleries includes images of local area birds submitted by members. Current galleries include: Rochester Area Birds, Montezuma NWR, Owls, Vagrants, and Nesting Birds.

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